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  Lubriplate was established in 1870. It’s headquarter locates in Newark New Jersey USA. Lubriplate has a long history with more than 140 years. For more than one hundred and forty years, Lubriplate produces high quality lubricants & specialties with the famous brands Fiske and Lubriplate for industry. Although Lubriplate is not the biggest lubricants manufacturer in the world, it is the special lubricants manufacturer with the longest history and outstanding quality. Lubriplate products are including two parts. The first part, it produces lubricants for industry, construction, food processing, automotive, marine and etc. The second part it blends metal processing and special requirement lubricants. Lubriplate persistently pursues that all the products which are produced by its’ manufactures under strictly quality management. Lubriplate passed ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 21469:2006 quality systems. It is always regards innovation and research & development as an important enterprise culture. It researched and produced white grease which is superior anti-corrosion in 1930s. It gave rise to a revolutionary change in grease production and application fields, and evoked great sensation of industry. Therefore, many years later, Lubriplate high quality products are recommended by all the senior engineers of American Society of Mechanical Engineer (ASME) as the first high quality lubricants. It is also the first choice and the first that come to mind brand by equipment maintenance engineers and procurement managers of American food and beverage industry. In addition, many famous American oil companies sell themselves product, they also sell Lubriplate products as specialized lubricants at the same time.

  Lubriplate is the first one who researched and developed food grade products in the world. Lubriplate production line and marketing share is also the most comprehensive available among global food grade lubricants companies. It is the biggest supplier of food grade lubricants in the world. So Lubriplate is the apodeictic leader in food grade lubricants industry.

  All Lubriplate food grade lubricants were registered on NSF, (National sanitation Foundation) an authorized, non-profitable and independent international organization, and ISO21469 quality system certificate. Moreover, Lubriplate food grade lubricants gained Halal and Kosher regional certificates. All Lubriplate mineral based food grade lubricants are manufactured with the purest and highest quality white oil (base oil, USP). These base oils can be used as medicine and cosmetics ingredients. Lubriplate superior quality products have been recognized and respected widely by customers. Lubriplate food grade products have been gained “Reader’s choice award golden winner” of《Food processing》magazine for 8 consecutive years. Furthermore, Lubriplate superb products are also recognized by original equipment manufacturers (OEM). Almost all of global compressor manufacturers of famous brands recommend Lubriplate brand products as their compressor lubricants. Lubriplate is global lubricants leading brand in the fields of food, beverage, pharmaceutical, package, feedstuff, cosmetics, babies articles for long period of time. Lubriplate customers group almost covers all of noted enterprises above fields in the world. In addition, Lubriplate brand is recommended by world well-known clients such as GM, IBM Motorola, CAT, Ford in the field of electronic, automotive manufacture, marine, plane, mining, oil production and etc. In the section of food and beverage processing equipments, Lubriplate products are recognized by Angelus, CCC, Sidel, Husky, SEW, Krones and etc the world leading food processing equipment manufactures. Lubriplate products were written in their maintenance manual.

  Lubriplate lubricants company is not only a special lubricants manufacturer, but also a responsible company for community. Lubriplate continuously research and develop non toxic or harmfulless and bio-degradable lubricants while seek superior quality. Lubriplate bio-degradable lubricants are addressed as bio-based products by USDA and preferred purchasing by Federal and federal agency. Lubriplate is hard working for environment protection, operational workers health, sustainable development and bright future of human being through researching and developing more bio-based products. Secondly, Lubriplate lubricants are multipurpose products, for instance, Lubriplate Synlube series products cover air compressor , hydraulic system, chain, bearings, gear box and speed reducer. It can be lubrication consolidation, low inventory and reduce the risk of lubricants miss-application and cost control for our customers. Lubriplate full product-line is your one stop solution for all your lubrication needs. In addition, Lubriplate offers the following service.

  Lubriplate purpose: Lubriplate meets or exceeds customers’ expectation by superior quality products and professional service. It obtains customers’ trust and respect by continuous hard-working. From now on, Lubriplate is your best partner at your work. Lubriplate lubricant is your wisest choice. Your success is our best honour. Lubriplate will work with you together beyond our dream and achievement future.

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