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Synthetic High Temp 68 /Chain & Gearbox Lubricants

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Synthetic High Temp 68 /Chain & Gearbox Lubricants



LUBRIPLATE Synthetic High Temp Fluid No. 68 is a 100% ester based synthetic fluid specifically designed for use on oven chains and other industrial bearing and gear applications in which high temperatures are encountered. The combination of an ashless additive system and the synthetic ester base provide protection against wear, rust, oxidation and corrosion. This fluid utilizes an enhanced coefficient of friction additive which will disperse and clean pre-existing carbon deposits on chains and bearings thereby reducing power consumption. This product delivers unsurpassed oxidation stability and anti-coking

performance. It remains stable and clean in the application.

LUBRIPLATE Synthetic High Temp Fluid No. 68 is recommended for use on bakery oven chains, drying oven chains, tenter frame chains, heat-treating chains, paint curing oven chains and any other type of bearing/slide/gear box application where they are exposed to high operating temperatures and must maintain a clean lubricated surface.

LUBRIPLATE Synthetic High Temp Fluid No. 68 can be fed through micro lube systems, spray systems, mist systems, drip bottle systems and can be hand applied. When lubricating a hot chain, position the lubricator at the coolest point on the chain and use the minimum volume necessary to properly lubricate the chain. This will help prevent smoking of the lubricant once it reaches the hottest point in the oven.

Benefits of LUBRIPLATE Synthetic High Temp Fluid No. 68 are as follows:

 Eliminates carbon build-up on chains

 Do not contain harmful VOC’s which pollute the atmosphere

 Advanced ester chemistry reduces friction, wear and energy costs

 High auto-ignition temperature to reduce the risk of oven fires >700ºF.

 Superior film strength reduces oil consumption and reduces smoke

Typical Tests                                                  No. 68

Viscosity SUS @ 100°F                                 364

cSt @ 40°C                                                     74

Viscosity SUS @ 210°F                                 58

cSt @ 100°C                                                   10.8

ISO Grade                                                       68

API Gravity                                                    14.6

Flash Point °F/°C                                           554/290

Fire Point °F/°C                                             640/338

Pour Point °F/°C                                           -25/-32

Four-Ball Wear Test

Average Wear Scar Diameter                        0.3 mm

Type of Ester 100% Polyolester


 Drying Ovens

 Textile - Tenter Frame Chains

 Wallboard - Dryer Chains

 Painting - Dryer Chains

 Lithographic Chains - Beverage Can Lines

 Glass - Forming Line Chains

 Laminating - Drying Lines

 Food Cookers & Frying

 Heat Treating - Chains & Bearings

 Kiln Support Rollers - Cement Plants (Trunions)

 Bakery Oven Chains


 Micro Lube Systems +/-  °F  500

 Spray Systems +/-   500°F   

 Mist Systems +/- 500°F    (Fire Safety precautions are necessary with this system when exposed to open flame).

 Drip Bottle Systems +/- 500°F   

 Drip Bottle With Brush +/- 500°F   

 Hand Applied +/- 500°F    (Apply@ 250℃ or less to minimize smoke. Also run chain a few minutes to remove excess).

Note: To avoid heavy smoke, lube in small volumes with more frequency. The higher the temperature, the more important this


Where to lubricate a chain - (Lubricator positioning is important)

 Lube chains on slack side whenever possible.

 Lube at pin and roller (Pin Bush Joint).

 When lubing a hot chain, position the lubricator at the coolest point or as close as possible.

Note: Know and understand the source of the heat to avoid fires. If you are in doubt, contact Technical Services at, 4000-789-277.

Our suggestion for establishing the lube cycle for automatic chain lubricators are to base it on amperage draws (an increase in

friction). A simple high amp setting, activating a solenoid, signaling the lube motor (present for lube duration) to turn on. If you have any problems with systems of this nature, contact one of our Technical Staff.

Remember to advise your customer that this chain oil contains an ester and when first applied to a used chain, he may experience a heavy cleaning action and must deal with dirt, contaminants and rust coming off the used chain. This will last ? two weeks and then the only thing coming off the chain will be a soft carbon when used in maximum temperature range.

No. 68

Packaging Available                                                 Part No.

5 Gallon Pail                                                             L0778-060

55 Gallon Drum                                                        L0778-062

                                                                                                                                  Printed in USA

                                                                                                                                  Revised 10/29/12 

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