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PGO Series Gear Oil

L0845, L0838, L0840, L0839,L0846


ISO Viscosity Grades 150, 220, 320, 460 & 680

The LUBRIPLATE PGO Series is comprised of 100% polyalkylene glycol (PAG) products which are designed to handle the most demanding operating conditions. These fluids deliver outstanding protection against micropitting, abrasion and wear. They deliver unsurpassed extreme pressure and anti-wear performance and provide outstanding thermal stability.

The LUBRIPLATE PGO Gear Oils may be recommended for helical, bevel helical, planetary and worm gear reducers.

Materials compatibility with PAG synthetic fluids is an important consideration. Polyurethane based elastomers, leather, cork, paper and board should be avoided. Common seal and gasket materials are unaffected by the LUBRIPLATE PGO fluids. Nitrile Rubber (NBR), fluoro-Silicone or vinyl-methyl polysiloxane (Q) are recommended especially where high temperatures are involved. Ordinary industrial paints will soften in the presence of the LUBRIPLATE PGO Gear Oils. Internal gearbox surfaces should ideally be unpainted or coated with resistant materials, for example a resistant twopack epoxy formulation.

The LUBRIPLATE PGO Gear Oils are not compatible, nor should they be mixed with mineral oilbased lubricants or polyalphaolefin (PAO) based fluids. When changing from a mineral oil or a PAO to one of the LUBRIPLATE PGO fluids, the following flushing procedure should be followed:

The system should be run until the old oil is warm, then drain as fully as possible, particular attention being paid to reservoirs, lines etc., where oil may be trapped. The system should be cleaned of residual sludge.

Flush the system with the minimum quantity of LUBRIPLATE PGO Fluid by operating under no load then drain the system while the fluid is warm. Repeat if necessary. Seals, etc., should be inspected and if deteriorated, then replaced. Seals previously exposed to other oils may shrink when exposed to LUBRIPLATE PGO Gear fluids, therefore, it may be advantageous to replace them, however, this is not mandatory. Careful inspection of the system for leaks will often suffice. It is useful to inspect the lubricant after one or two days in use to make sure that it is free of extraneous materials. Contamination with significant quantities of other lubricants can, in some cases, lead to sludging, foaming and other problems.

Typical tests for LUBRIPLATE PGO 100% Synthetic Gear Oils are as follows:

Typical Tests                         PGO-150            PGO-220           PGO-320           PGO-460          PGO-680

Viscosity @ 40 °C                  150                     227                    334                    477                    725

Viscosity @ 100°C                 25                      41.9                   59.01                  83                     122.2

ISO Viscosity Grade              150                     220                    320                    460                    680

Viscosity Index                      232                     242                    247                    262                    272

Pour Point                            -47°C / -53°F  - 42°C / - 44°F      - 35ºC / - 31ºF  - 36°C / - 33°F   -33°C / -27°F

Flash Point (COC)                >280°C              >280°C              >280ºC              >280°C             >280°C

Density @ 15°C   (Kg/L)      1.057                  1.057                  1.056                 1.067                  1.072

TAN                                      0.2 max              0.2 max              0.2 max             0.2 max              0.2 max

FZG Load Stage

A/8.3/90                                    > 12                > 12                     > 12                  > 12                   > 12

FZG Load Stage                    ----------                 10                    ----------             ----------            ----------


@ 90 °C  Endurance              ----------                 10                    ----------            ----------             ----------

FZG Load Stage                    ----------                 10                    ----------            ----------             ----------


@ 60°C   Endurance              ----------                 10                    ----------            ----------               ----------

Part Numbers

Packaging Available       PGO-150         PGO-220         PGO-320            PGO-460             PGO-680

54-Gallon Drum              L0845-062      L0838-062         L0840-062         L0839-062          L0846-062

5-Gallon Pail                   L0845-060      L0838-060         L0840-060         L0839-060          L0846-060

Carton, 4/1 Gallon Jugs  L0845-057      L0838-057         L0840-057          L0839-057         L0846-057

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