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SYN Lube Series

L0968, 0970-0973

LUBRIPLATE SYN LUBE Synthetic Fluid Series - 22, 32, 46, 68 & 100

LUBRIPLATE SYN LUBE ISO VG Fluids 22 through 100 are high performance, zinc-free synthetic fluids for industrial machine applications. These fluids are 100% synthetic based products formulated with a combination of PAO and ester technology.

LUBRIPLATE SYN LUBE Synthetic Fluids are available in (5) ISO Viscosity Grades (ISO VG 22, 32, 46, 68, 100) and recommended for many types of rotary screw and rotary vane air compressors. These synthetic fluids are excellent for high temperature bearing and chain applications as well as situations striving for improved efficiency and extended drain intervals. They are also excellent products for centrifugal air compressors, all types of hydraulic systems and turbine oil applications.

LUBRIPLATE SYN LUBE Synthetic Fluids provide several advantages over mineral oil based products.


• Excellent thermal and oxidation stability characteristics increase the service life of the lubricant many times over that of petroleum oils.

• Provide outstanding water demulsibility allowing for any water that may have entered the system to be rapidly separated from the SYN LUBE Synthetic Fluids. The water can then be easily drained and emulsion problems can be averted.

• Generally, intervals of 8,000 hours of compressor fluid service can be achieved, depending on operating conditions. LUBRIPLATE Division encourages the use of our Free Oil Analysis Program to determine the extended drain interval.


• SYN LUBE Synthetic Fluids exhibit high viscosity indexes, excellent lubricity, very low coefficients of friction and superior heat transfer characteristics, resulting in lower operating temperatures and lower power consumption.


• SYN LUBE Synthetic Fluids are compatible with mineral oil products avoiding time-consuming flushing procedures and allowing conversion to be simplistic. Always consult LUBRIPLATE prior to conversion if compatibility is an issue.

• SYN LUBE Synthetic Fluids are recommended for use with high Nitrile Buna-N, Teflon, Viton, Fluorosilicone and Polysulfide elastomers. These fluids are not recommended for use with low Nitrile Buna-N, Neoprene or natural rubber.

LUBRIPLATE SYN LUBE Synthetic Fluid Series Typical Properties:

                                                                 Syn Lube          Syn Lube         Syn Lube          Syn Lube         Syn Lube

Physical Characteristics       ASTM         22                      32                    46                     68                     100

Viscosity @ 40°C cSt          D-445          23                      32                    44                     66                     110

@ 100°C cSt                        D-445          5                         6                      8                      10                     15

Viscosity Index                    D-2270       138                     136                  138                   138                   142

Pour Point °F/°C                  D-97          -70/57                -70/-57             -65/-54            -60/-51              -55/-48

Flash Point °F/°C                 D-92          420/216             470/243           485/250            515/267           530/277

Fire Point °F/°C                   D-92           470/243              505/263          550/288            580/304            590/310

API Gravity                         D-287         39.6                     37.0                37.4                  37.8                   36.7

Color                                    D-1500      1.0 max               1.0 max           1.0 max            1.0 max            1.0 max

Density (Pounds/Gallon)    ----------       6.89                    6.993               6.976                 6.960               7.005

ISO Viscosity Grade          ----------        22                       32                    46                      68                    100

Autoignition Temperature (734°F) E-659   ND             > 700°F          > 700°F             > 700°F           > 700°F

Performance Characteristics

Four-Ball Wear Test          D-4172          0.5                       0.5                  0.5                      0.5                    0.5

Average Wear Scar Diameter

(40 Kg., 1200 rpm., 1 hr. @ 75°C)

Copper Corrosion                D-130          1a                          1a                    1a                       1a                     1a

Conradson Carbon Residue D-189          Nil                         Nil                  Nil                      Nil                   Nil

Emulsion Characteristics @ 82°C D-1401 40-40-0 (10)  40-40-0 (10)  40-40-0 (10)     40-40-0 (20)     40-40-0 (20)


Rust Test Procedure B        D-665          Pass                        Pass                Pass                    Pass                Pass

                                                                no                           no                   no                       no                   no

                                                             corrosion                corrosion        corrosion             corrosion       corrosion

Rotating Bomb

Oxidation Test (Minutes)   D-2272      > 2000                    > 2000           > 2000                 > 2000            > 2000

Packaging Available           Syn Lube 22      Syn Lube 32      Syn Lube 46       Syn Lube 68      Syn Lube 100

Carton 4/1-Gallon Jugs         ------------          ------------           L0971-057          ------------            ------------

5-Gallon Pail                       L0968-060        L0970-060          L0971-060         L0972-060        L0973-060

55-Gallon Drum                  L0968-062        L0970-062          L0971-062         L0972-062        L0973-062

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