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Synthetic Biodegradable Air Compressor Fluid

LUBRIPLATE Syncool is a 100% synthetic polyglycolester fluid targeted for high performance in rotary screw and rotary vane air compressors where high operating temperatures are present. Typically, compressors with discharge air temperatures ranging from 210°F to 240°F are candidates for LUBRIPLATE Syncool. It is formulated with state of the art additives to enhance its already inherent outstanding performance characteristics.

LUBRIPLATE Syncool may be recommended against Sullair Sullube, Palatek Pallube and Ingersoll Rand SSR Ultra Coolant.

LUBRIPLATE Syncool provides several advantages compared to petroleum-based products.

It is biodegradable.


Test Method: OECD 301F; ISO 9408; 92/69/EEC, C.4-D

Method of Analysis: BOD of the ThOD

Degree of Elimination: > 70%

Evaluation: Readily biodegradable (according to OECD criteria).

The product is biodegradable.

Excellent thermal and oxidation stability characteristics increase the service life of the lubricant resulting in extended drain intervals; typically 8,000 hours under normal conditions.

Non-carbonizing which eliminates harmful deposits.

High viscosity indexes, which means less change in the viscosity of the fluid over a wide temperature range.

Excellent lubricity qualities, very low coefficients of friction and superior heat transfer characteristics resulting in lower operating temperatures and energy savings.LUBRIPLATE encourages the use of our No-Charge Oil Analysis Program

when using the LUBRIPLATE Syncool to determine the proper drain interval of individual compressors.

LUBRIPLATE Syncool Typical Properties:


Physical Characteristics                    ASTM                         Syncool

Viscosity @ 40°C cSt                       D-445                          41.17

@ 100°C cSt                                     D-445                          8.02

Viscosity Index                                 D-2270                        172

Pour Point °F/°C                               D-97                         -40º/-40º

Flash Point °F/°C                              D-92                         530º/277º

Fire Point °F/°C                                D-92                         595º/313º

API Gravity                                       D-287                         12.5

Color                                                  D-1500                       L1.0

Density (Pounds/Gallon)                                                      8.15

ISO Viscosity Grade                                                            32/46

Performance Characteristics

Four-Ball Wear Test                          D-4172                       0.35

Average Wear Scar Diameter

(40 Kg., 1200 rpm., 1 hr. @ 75°C)

Copper Corrosion                               D-130                         1a

Rust Prevention                                  D-665A                      Pass

Four Ball EP Weld Test                                                        120 Kg.

Load Wear Index                                                                   32

FZG Pass Stage                                                                     12

Packaging Available                                                          Syncool

5-Gallon Pail                                                                      L0964-060

55-Gallon Drum                                                                 L0964-062

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