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AC3, AC4 Compressor Lubricants

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AC3, AC4 Compressor Lubricants

L0708, L0710

LUBRIPLATE Air Compressor Oils AC-3 & AC-4

LUBRIPLATE AC-3 & AC-4 Air Compressor Oils are dual-purpose or multi-functional lubricants for use in air compressors, hydraulic systems and oil recirculating systems.

LUBRIPLATE AC-3 & AC-4 Air Compressor Oils for air compressors offer excellent lubrication at elevated temperatures and high pressures, providing sustained operation and lower maintenance cost by reducing carbon and varnish build-up.

LUBRIPLATE AC-3 & AC-4 Air Compressor Oil Features:

• Fluid zinc for anti-wear properties.

• High natural V.I. for stable viscosities throughout a wider operating temperature range.

• High aniline points for controlled seal-swelling characteristics.

• Rust and corrosion resistant properties.

• Chemical and mechanical stabilities.

• Foam suppression properties.

• Good heat transfer properties.

• Thermal oxidation stability.

• Good demulsibility properties.

Typical tests on LUBRIPLATE AC-3 & AC-4 Air Compressor Oils are as follows:

Typical Tests                                                          AC-3                           AC-4

Viscosity SUS @ 100°F                                         690                             950

cSt @ 40°C                                                             135                             205

Viscosity SUS @ 210°F                                          75                               83

cSt @ 100°C                                                            14                               18

Viscosity Index                                                       102                              95

Flash Point, °F                                                         460                             495

°C                                                                            238                              257

Fire Point, °F                                                           510                              545

°C                                                                             266                              285

API Gravity                                                              29.4                            29.3

Color                                                                         L3.0                           L5.0

Pour Point, °F                                                          -10                              0

°C                                                                             -23                              -18

Approximate SAE No.                                         SAE-40                       SAE-40

ISO Grade                                                                150                              220

Aniline Point, °F                                                      242                              242

Oxidation per                   ASTM D-943                   Typically Above 3000 Hr.

4-Ball Wear mm Scar Diameter                              0.46                               0.44

Dielectric Strength Typically                                              Above 35 kv.

LUBRIPLATE AC-3 & AC-4 Air Compressor Oils – Cont’d:

Part Numbers

Packaging Available                                                         AC-3                                          AC-4

Carton, 12/1 Plastic Quarts                                             L0708-054                                 -------------

Carton, 4/1 Gallon Jugs                                                  L0708-057                                 L0710-057

5 Gallon Pail                                                                   L0708-060                                 L0710-060

16 Gallon Drum                                                              L0708-061                                 L0710-061

55 Gallon Drum                                                              L0708-062                                 L0710-062

Note: All products available in Bins.

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