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SYN 1600 Series Grease


LUBRIPLATE SYN “1600” Series Synthetic High Performance Greases

The LUBRIPLATE SYN “1600” Series of Synthetic High Performance Greases are 100% synthetic products.  They are not synthetic blend greases.  This produces far superior oxidation stability, better wear protection and significantly better operating  temperature ranges.  Manufactured with 100% polyalphaolefin (PAO) base fluids and thickened with lithium-complex, the LUBRIPLATE SYN “1600” Series greases are compatible with conventional lithium-thickened, mineral oil-based greases.  The LUBRIPLATE SYN “1600” Series greases are fortified with additives to prevent rust and corrosion and

to reduce grease bleed.


1.  Manufactured with 100%  - Outstanding effective PAO synthetic base fluid   lubricating temperature range, -50°F to 450°F.

   - Unsurpassed oxidation stability.

   - Compatibility with most mineral oil-based greases.

2.  Lithium-complex thickener  - High dropping (melting) points to 500°F (260°C).

   - Outstanding shear stability. These greases do not thin out when worked in the application.

   - Perfect for multi-purpose and heavy-duty industrial applications and all automotive applications.

   - Reduces grease product needs.


3.  Multi-functional additive system 

   - Prevents wear.

   - Prevents rust and corrosion.

   - Prevents grease bleed < 2%.


                                                                      SYN-1602                   SYN-1601                SYN-1600

Base Oil Properties:

   ISO (VG)                                                   460                               220                            220

   Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°C                    446                               218                            218

   Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C                  45                                 26                              26

   Flash Point °C/°F                                  262°C/505°F              260°C/500°F             260°C/500°F

   Fire Point °C/°F                                    288°C/550°F              288°C/550°F             288°C/550°F

   Pour Point °F                                           -45°F                            -50°F                          -50°F

NLGI Grade (ASTM D-217)                        2                                    1                                   0

Texture                                                      Smooth                         Smooth                         Smooth

Dropping Point °C (ASTM D-2265)         > 260°C                       > 260°C                       > 260°C

Timken EP Test (ASTM D-2509) OK Load 60 lbs.                      50 lbs.                          50 lbs.

Four Ball EP Test (ASTM D-2596)              400 kg.                      400 kg.                        400 kg.

Oil Separation (ASTM D-1742)                   < 1.5%                        < 5.0                              n/a

Evaporation Loss (ASTM D-972) @ 100°C < 1.0%                       < 1.0%                        < 1.0%

Oxidation Stability (ASTM D-942)

   psi drop after 100 hours                               1½ psi                        1½ psi                          0 psi

Corrosion (ASTM D-130) 3 hours                   1a                               1a                                  1a

Rust Preventative Properties                             Pass                           Pass                              Pass

   48 hrs @ 52°C (ASTM D-1743)              No Corrosion            No Corrosion             No Corrosion

Wheel Bearing Leakage (ASTM D-4290)        1.6 gms                    4.78 gms                        n/a

Packaging Available                                      SYN-1602                  SYN-1601                SYN-1600

35 lb. Pail                                                        L0302-035                 L0301-035               L0300-035

120 lb. Drum                                                   L0302-039                 L0301-039               L0300-039

420 lb. Drum                                                   L0302-040                 L0301-040               L0300-040

Case 40/14.5 oz. Cartridges                            L0302-098                 L0301-098               -------------

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                                                                                                                                    Revised 4-15-08  

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