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No. 1500 Series Grease


LUBRIPLATE “1500” Series

LUBRIPLATE No. 1500, 1550, 1551, and 1552 are lithium complex greases that can be used for a variety of industrial, automotive and heavy-duty  construction applications. These rugged, extreme pressure lubricants can withstand higher operating temperatures than traditional lithium multi-purpose greases as well as most lithium complex greases.

LUBRIPLATE No. 1552 and No. 1551 are tacky, adhesive and very water resistant.  The film strength and shear stability of these products are exceptional resulting in wear reduction and long lubricant life.

LUBRIPLATE No. 1552 and No. 1551 provide outstanding lubrication in a variety of applications including:

Automotive (including the fleet and truck operator)






LUBRIPLATE No. 1550 is ideal for heavy load, tight tolerance situations and can be pumped easily through automatic dispensing systems on construction and mining equipment as well as industrial applications.

LUBRIPLATE No. 1500 can be used for a variety of  industrial and automotive applications. It is ideally suited for use in leaky gear cases that require a semi-fluid grease. It is also recommended for use in new on-highway trailer wheel bearings where a semi-fluid grease is required. LUBRIPLATE No. 1500 can also be used in centralized lubrication systems, especially those operating at higher temperatures.

Typical Characteristics

                                                          No. 1552             No. 1551                   No. 1550                 No. 1500

Base Oil Properties

     Saybolt Viscosity @ 100°F            1100 SUS                 1100 SUS                      1100 SUS                  1100 SUS

     Saybolt Viscosity @ 210°F            92 SUS                      92 SUS                         92 SUS                       92 SUS

     Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°C         215 cSt                      215 cSt                          215 cSt                      215 cSt

     Kinematic Viscosity @ 100°C       18 cSt                       18 cSt                             18 cSt                        18 cSt

     Flash Point °F/°C                            500/260                    500/260                          500/260                    500/260

     Fire Point °F/°C                              545/285                   545/285                          545/285                    545/285

Specific Gravity                                   0.96                         0.9485                            0.9018                       0.90

NLGI Grade (ASTM D-217)                2                               1                                     0                                00

Texture                                                 Tacky                        Tacky                             Tacky                       Tacky

Dropping Point, °F (ASTM D-2265)   500°F                       + 470°F                           451°F                         N/A

Four Ball Wear (ASTM D-2266)

     40 kg. 1200 rpm, 1 hr. @ 167°F      0.45 mm                  0.45 mm                          0.45 mm                   0.54 mm

Timken EP Test (ASTM D-2509)        60 lb. OK Load       50 lb. OK Load               50 lb. OK Load        50 lb. OK Load

Four Ball EP Test (ASTM D-2596)     680 kg. OK Load    480 kg. OK Load            460 kg. OK Load     420 kg. OK Load

Oil Separation (ASTM D-1742)           1.1%                        5.0%                               Not Applicable         Not Applicable

Evaporation Loss (ASTM D-972)

     @ 100°C                                          0.24%                       0.24%                            0.24%                       0.24%

Oxidation Stability (ASTM D-942)

     Psi drop after 100 hours                   2 lbs.                         2 lbs.                               2 lbs.                        2.5 lbs.

     Psi drop after 500 hours                   8 lbs.                         8 lbs.                               8 lbs.                       10 lbs.

Corrosion (ASTM D-130)

     3 hours                                             1a                             1a                                    1a                             1a

Water Washout (ASTM D-1264)

     @ 175°F                                          2.75%                       9.9%                               N/A                          N/A

Wheel Bearing Leakage 

     (ASTM D-4290)                             5.5 gms.                   5.5 gms.                          N/A                         N/A

Packaging Availability             No. 1552                  No. 1551                         No. 1550                 No. 1500

Carton 4/7 lb. Jugs                   -------------                -------------                      -------------               L0163-007

Carton 12/2 lb. Bottles             -------------                -------------                      -------------               L0163-013

35 lb. Pail                                 L0166-035               L0165-035                      L0164-035               L0163-035

120 lb. Drum                            L0166-039               L0165-039                      L0164-039               L0163-039

420 lb. Drum                            L0166-040               L0165-040                      L0164-040               L0163-040

Carton 40/14.5 oz. Cartridges  L0166-098               L0165-098                       -------------              -------------

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                                                                                                                                         Revised 6/21/07  

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