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High Temp Grease



LUBRIPLATE High Temp is a new development for extreme high temperature applications. This lubricant is of the non-melt type and manufactured with high viscosity oils of exceptional stability.

Typical Tests

 Type of Thickener                                           Inorganic Gelling Agent

 Worked Penetration @ 77°F                                265 to 295

 NLGI Grade No. 2

 ASTM Dropping Point, °F Non-Melt Type               (500+)

 Mineral Oil Viscosity

    SUS @ 100°F                                                          2600

    SUS @ 210°F                                                           155

    cSt @ 40°C                                                               497

    cSt @ 100°C                                                              32

 Flash Point                                                                580°F/304°C

 Color Beige

Laboratory temperature tests were run on LUBRIPLATE High Temp, also a bentone thickened lubricant and a lithium lubricant. The following tests were run at 400°F.

Time High Temp Bentone Lubricant Lithium Lubricant

1 Hour Color - Normal Color - Slightly Darker Color - Black Texture - Greasy Texture - Slightly Dry  (small amount of bleed)

   Texture - Plastic

2 Hours  Color - Normal Color - Dark  Color - Black Texture - Greasy Texture - Plastic Texture - Firm 18 Hours Color - Dark Brown Color - Black  Color - Black exture - Greasy Texture - Hard & Dry Texture - Hard & Dry


   -   Very chemical resistant.

   -   Rust & corrosion resistant.

   -   High anti-wear film protection.

   -   Inert to most chemicals.

All lubricants were subjected to the same test procedure.  A film of grease 1/32" in thickness was applied to a 1-1/2 square space on the test panel. The steel block holding the test panel (as shown below) was preheated in the oven to the test temperature.  The test panels were placed in the block as shown in the diagram:

After 18 hours of 400°F continuous heat in a static position, the surface of the LUBRIPLATE High Temp was dark brown, but the lubricant was soft and greasy and under the surface had not changed color. Tests were then run on LUBRIPLATE High Temp as before at 500°F for a period of one hour and ten minutes.  The results:

 Color - Nearly Black  - Surface

   Under Surface - Dark Brown

 Texture - Greasy

This lubricant should provide excellent lubrication on many of the higher temperature applications which are prevalent today.  Due to the high viscosity of oil used in this product, do not recommend this lubricant for moderate to fast moving bearings.

LUBRIPLATE High Temp is available in the following packages:

 Packaging Available                                       Part No.

 Carton, 24/14 oz. Cans                                  L0161-001

 Carton, 6/6 lb. Cans                                      L0161-006

 35 lb. Pail                                                      L0161-035

 120 lb., Quarter Size, Drum                         L0161-039

 430 lb., Full Size, Drum                               L0161-040

 Carton, 40/14½ oz. Cartridges                     L0161-098

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