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LUBRIPLATE X-357 is a lithium, extreme pressure, water resistant and anti-corrosive heavy-duty lubricant designed for exceptional penetrating and lubrication properties.  This product, with its extra amount of fillers, including molybdenum disulfide, provides a lubrication film and still appears dry.

LUBRIPLATE X-357 was developed for fine dispersing into tight tolerances and upon reaching these areas to provide a grease film of superior protection.   This product is capable of withstanding high and low temperature ranges.  The beauty of this product is the fact that a film of lubricant in an open area will form a dry appearing surface, thereby eliminating much of the attraction for dust and dirt.  However, the surface will remain "slippery" and provide excellent lubrication.

LUBRIPLATE X-357 is available in bulk and in the handy aerosol can.  It is exceptionally successful for pintle hooks found in dual trailer systems that allow the second trailer to hook itself to the front trailer. 

Other applications include sliding axles, open gearing, fifth wheels, latches, hooks, sliding doors and any area where penetration and stay-put properties are required.  Especially when these conditions are subjected to rain, sleet, snow, dirt etc.

Typical Tests covering LUBRIPLATE X-357 are as follows:

 Penetration Range

 Worked 60 Strokes                                                                   310 to 340

 NLGI No.                                                                                    1

 ASTM Dropping Point                                                            360°F/182°C

 Color                                                                                        Black

 Mineral Oil Viscosity

   SUS @ 100°F                                                                          95

   cSt @ 40°C                                                                             18

 Four Ball Test

   OK Load                                                                                 300 kg.

   Weld Load                                                                              320 kg.

 Load Wear Index                                                                      56.0

LUBRIPLATE X-357 is available in the following:

Packaging Available                                                                Part No.

35 lb. Pail                                                                                 L0149-035

420 lb. Drum                                                                            L0149-040

Carton., 12/11 oz. Aerosol Cans                                              L0149-063

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