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GR-132 Portable tool grease



LUBRIPLATE GR-132 is a new concept in the makeup of a lubricant.  LUBRIPLATE GR-132 is a lithium combination type thickener, NLGI No. 1 grade lubricant with an ASTM dropping point in excess of 430°F and a workable cold test of -40°F.

The light viscosity mineral oil in LUBRIPLATE GR-132 makes this lubricant ideal for many high speed applications where fluid friction must be kept to a minimum.  The makeup of this product is such that it is compatible with a wide range of plastics.

LUBRIPLATE GR-132 is being used very successfully in a wide variety of applications including:

 Portable electric tool gear cases.

 Fractional horsepower gear cases.

 High speed ball and roller bearing applications such as found in grinders, woodworking machinery, exhaust fans, blowers and high speed mixers.

 Gear cases of mechanical bunny (Dog Tracks).

 Hi-cycle rotor grinders and tools.


 -  Excellent oil-bleed resistance especially for a low viscosity oil.

 -  Exceptional anti-wear properties improve lubricity characteristics.

 -  Waterproof.

 -  Highly oxidation resistant.

 -  Very shear stable.

 -  High aniline point (mineral oil)

Typical tests on LUBRIPLATE GR-132 are as follows:

 Type of Thickener                                                     Lithium Combination

 Worked Penetration @ 77°F                                      310 - 340

                                      60 strokes                              330

                               10,000 strokes                              332

                             100,000 strokes                              345

 NLGI Consistency No.                                              1

 ASTM Dropping Point                                            430+°F/221+°C

 Color                                                                         Beige

 Mineral Oil Viscosity

                             SUS @ 100°F                                200

                             cSt   @ 40°C                                  39

                             Pour Point                                    -40°F

 4-Ball OK Load (kg)                                                200

 Packaging Available                                             Part No.

 Carton, 24/14 oz. Cans                                          L0158-001

 Carton, 6/6 lb. Cans                                               L0158-006

 35 lb. Pail                                                               L0158-035

 120 lb., Quarter Size, Drum                                   L0158-039

 440 lb., Full Size, Drum                                         L0158-040  

                                                                                          Printed in USA

                                                                                          Revised: 4-15-08

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