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DS-ES Electric Switch Lubricant

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DS-ES Electric Switch Lubricant



LUBRIPLATE DS-ES Lubricant is developed specifically for the electrical and electronics industry. 

LUBRIPLATE DS-ES Lubricant is being used extensively in automotive switches and contact units where performance is exceeding all of the new safety standards set for this equipment.

LUBRIPLATE DS-ES Lubricant is also highly recommended as a bearing lubricant for electrical motors, spindles and other mechanical devices where low torque, high speeds and long life are essential.  Due to the aniline point of this product, seal compatibility is excellent.

LUBRIPLATE DS-ES Lubricant is recommended in the Automotive Industry by these specifications or part numbers:

 Chrysler/AMC MS-3701 MS-8677

 Ford Motor Company ESB-MlC-158-A

 Delco-Remy Div., General Motors 5384-011

 ITT Automotive Electrical Products 1502-20007-D116

 Saginaw Steering Gear Div.,

  General Motors 7809811, 7813685, 7826313

   White Truck Group 16109-5002

LUBRIPLATE DS-ES Lubricant is recommended for:

Battery Posts - Head Lamps - Tail Lamps

Electrical Harness Plug Assemblies

Backup Lamp Connector Sockets

Electrical Switch Contacts - Radio Antenna Assemblies

Aircraft Switch Assemblies

High Voltage Breaker Assemblies

Connectors in the Primary Circuit of Solid-State Ignition


 - Exceptional oxidation resistance for extended operating life.

 - Low Torque start-up capabilities especially in cold weather conditions.

 - Excellent metal, rubber, and plastic compatibility.

                                                                               Typical Tests

   Type of Thickener                                                 Lithium

   Worked Penetration @ 77°F                                310 to 340

   NLGI No.                                                                  1

   ASTM Dropping Point                                        360°F/182°C

   Mineral Oil Viscosity

     SUS @ 100°F                                                      200

     cSt @ 40°C                                                          39

     Aniline Point                                                       219

   Norma Hoffman Oxidation

     Bomb Test                                                     3 psi Max./l,000 Hrs.

   Packaging Available                                           Part No.

   Carton 24/14 oz. Cans                                        L0137-001

   Carton 6/6 lb. Cans                                             L0137-006

   35 lb. Pail                                                           L0137-035

   120 lb., Quarter Size, Drum                               L0137-039

   410 lb., Full Size, Drum                                     L0137-040

   Carton 36 - 1¾ oz. Tubes (1x6)                         L0137-086  

                                                                                                  Pinted in USA

                                                                                                   Revised 4-15-08

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