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SSO-FG100, SSO-FG 100% H-1 Synthetic Lubricant

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SSO-FG100, SSO-FG 100% H-1 Synthetic Lubricant

L0956, L0957


*NSF H-1 Registered

                                                            *OU Kosher Pareve Certified

                                                                         *Halal Certified

The Lubriplate SSO-FG Series of products are premium, fully synthetic lubricants designed to be used in seaming/canning equipment and related applications. Engineered to meet the extreme requirements encountered in the food-processing industry such as water wash downs, steam, acidic conditions, etc., the LUBRIPLATE SSO-FG Series of products are formulated with premium performance additives and base fluids that provide superior lubrication and outstanding oxidative, wear, rust and corrosion protection to the equipment. The LUBRIPLATE SSO-FG Series of products meet the requirements of the USDA guidelines (1998) for H-1 use (lubricants with incidental food contact). These products are manufactured with ingredients that

comply with FDA 21 CFR 178.3570, 21 CFR 172.882 and 21 CFR 182 G.R.A.S.

Typical Test Data

Properties                                Test Method             SSO-FG-100              SSO-FG-150

Appearance Visual                                                   Pale Yellow               Pale Yellow

ISO VG 100 150

Viscosity @ 100°F (SUS)         ASTM D-88           556                           762

@ 210°F (SUS)                         ASTM D-88            77                             97

@ 40°C (cSt)                             ASTM D-445         106.7                         151.1

@ 100°C (cSt)                           ASTM D-445         13.9                           20.25

Viscosity Index                                                         131                           156

Color                                          ASTM D-1500       < 0.5                       < 0.5

API Gravity                               ASTM D-287         33.9                          36.2

Specific Gravity                        ASTM D-187          0.8555                    0.8607

Pounds/Gallons                                                         7.123                        7.167

Flash Point, (COC) °F              ASTM D-92            500                          490

Fire Point, (COC) °F                ASTM D-92            540                          530

Pour Point, °F                           ASTM D-97             - 54                        - 54

TAN                                         ASTM D-974            0.8                           1.1

Cu Corrosion                           ASTM D-130A         1a                             1a

Four Ball Wear                         ASTM D-4172         0.45 mm                 0.41 mm

Rust Prevention Proc. A          ASTM D-665         Pass; no corrosion Pass; no corrosion

The LUBRIPLATE SSO-FG Series of products are available in the following packaging:

                                                                                   Part No’s.

Packaging Available                                     SSO-FG-100                   SSO-FG-150

55-Gal. Drum                                                L0956-062                         L0957-062

*NSF H1 Registration No’s                          138390                                138391

*Authorized by NSF for use in food processing facilities as a lubricant or anti-rust agent on equipment in

which there may be incidental contact involving the lubricated part and the edible product.

*NSF - National Sanitation Foundation

"The LUBRIPLATE SSO-FG Series contain no components derived from TSE/BSE relevant animal

species; therefore, they re compliant with the requirements of the TSE Note for Guidance EMA/410/01

Rev. 3, July, 2011".

Printed in USA

Revised 11/26/12 

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