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SFGO Ultra 7-68 100% H-1 Synthtic Lubricant

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SFGO Ultra 7-68 100% H-1 Synthtic Lubricant

L0930, L0931, L0915-0917, L0912

LUBRIPLATE “SFGO Ultra” Series - ISO Viscosity Grades 7, 15, 22, 32, 46 & 68

                                                                                *NSF H-1 Registered

                                                           “These products are certified OU Kosher Pareve”

                                                                    “These products are Halal certified”

The LUBRIPLATE SFGO Ultra Series of synthetic hydrocarbon food grade fluids have been formulated with 100% pure PAO synthetic base oils that meet a variety of demanding applications where traditional white mineral oils and PAO polymer blends may not be desirable. These Polyalphaolefin (PAO) based synthetics are outstanding lubricants for use under severe conditions subject to extremely high or low temperatures. They exhibit outstanding oxidation resistance and thermal stability capabilities. These fluids are all zinc-free.

The LUBRIPLATE SFGO Ultra Series meets the requirements of FDA 21 CFR 178.3570 and FDA 21CFR 172.882. All six-viscosity grades are suitable for use in plants where incidental contact with the edible product may occur.

The LUBRIPLATE SFGO Ultra Series may be recommended for rotary screw, rotary vane and reciprocating air compressors. They also make excellent lubricants for hydraulic systems, pumps, motors, bearings, chains and airline lubricators.

LUBRIPLATE Division strongly recommends the use of the LUBRIPLATE Oil Analysis Program to establish drain intervals in air compressor applications. Typical service life can be as much as 2,000 to 4,000 hours under normal operating conditions. Oil life can be affected by various contaminants, moisture and other factors. Therefore, oil analysis becomes critical when maximizing useful service life. Contact your authorized LUBRIPLATE Distributor for more information on the Lubriplate Oil Analysis Program.

Advantages offered by LUBRIPLATE SFGO Ultra Fluids include the following:

 Excellent thermal stability resulting in longer service life.

 Superior oxidation resistance.

 Outstanding anti-wear properties providing extended equipment life.

 Exceptional demulsibility characteristics.

 Superb corrosion inhibitor package.

 High viscosity indexes and low pour points to ensure optimum performance over a wide operating temperature range.

 Superior cleanliness characteristics.

 Excellent compatibility with a variety of elastomers, seals, plastics and paints.

The LUBRIPLATE SFGO Ultra Lubricants are compatible with other LUBRIPLATE products such as LUBRIPLATE AC Oils, LUBRIPLATE HO Oils, LUBRIPLATE FMO Series and LUBRIPLATE FMO-AW Series. Always consult LUBRIPLATE before changing to an SFGO fluid from an existing lubricant that may not be compatible with polyalphaolefin-based oils.

LUBRIPLATE “SFGO Ultra” Series – ISO Viscosity Grades 7, 15, 22, 32, 46 & 68:

                                                                                                     Typical Tests

                                                        SFGO          SFGO          SFGO         SFGO           SFGO        SFGO

                                                        Ultra 7          Ultra 15      Ultra 22      Ultra             32 Ultra    46 Ultra 68

Viscosity SUS @ 100°F                 51                  89               106             160               220             325

SUS @ 210°F                                 34                  39                41              46                 52               59

cSt @ 40°C                                     7                   16                20               30                 50               67

cSt @ 100°C                                   2                    4                  4                6                    8               10

Viscosity Index                              104                122              128            135                134            141

Pour Point °F/°C                           -65/-54           -60/-51        -65/-54     -58/-50            -45/-43      -45/-43

Flash Point °F/°C                           305/152         405/207      405/207    475/246          480/249    495/257

Fire Point °F/°C                             400/204         435/224       430/221   515/268          520/271    530/277

API Gravity                                    41.8               39.0             41.1         37.9                35.1          34.1

Color                                              1.0 max         1.0 max       1.0 max     1.0 max          1.0 max   1.0 max

Four-Ball Wear Test

Average Wear Scar Diameter        0.40 mm         0.40 mm     0.40 mm   0.48 mm         0.41 mm  0.36 mm

SAE Grade                                     5W                  5W             5W            10                   20            30

ISO Viscosity Grade                        7                    15               22              32                  46             68

LUBRIPLATE SFGO Ultra Fluids are available in the following packaging:

                                                        SFGO             SFGO         SFGO       SFGO          SFGO        SFGO

Packaging Available                       Ultra 7            Ultra 15      Ultra 22    Ultra 32       Ultra 46     Ultra 68

Carton, 4/1 Gallon Jugs                  L0912-057 L0930-057 L0931-057 L0915-057 L0916-057 L0917-057

5 Gallon Pail                                   L0912-060 L0930-060 L0931-060 L0915-060 L0916-060 L0917-060

16 Gallon Drum                              L0912-061 L0930-061 L0931-061 L0915-061 L0916-061 L0917-061

55 Gallon Drum                              L0912-062 L0930-062 L0931-062 L0915-062 L0916-062 L0917-062

Note: LUBRIPLATE SFGO Ultra 7 is also available in aerosol form and is listed as LUBRIPLATE SFGO

Ultra 7 Synthetic Chain & Penetrating Fluid – Part No. L0912-063 – See Technical Data Bulletin 8-17B.

"The LUBRIPLATE SFGO Ultra Series contain no components derived from TSE/BSE relevant animal

species; therefore, they are compliant with the requirements of the TSE Note for Guidance EMEA/410/01

Rev. 2, October 2003".

                                                        SFGO          SFGO           SFGO         SFGO        SFGO            SFGO

                                                        Ultra 7         Ultra 15        Ultra 22      Ultra 32     Ultra 46        Ultra 68

*NSF H-1 Registration No’s         125679         138420         138421        125680      125678         125681

(Meets USDA 1998 Guidelines)

*Authorized by NSF for use in food processing facilities as a lubricant or anti-rust agent on equipment in

which there may be incidental contact involving the lubricated part and the edible product.

*NSF - National Sanitation Foundation

Manufactured with ingredients that comply with FDA 21 CFR 178.3570 and FDA 21 CFR 172.882.

Printed in USA

Revised 11/30/1 

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