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Synflush 100% Synthetic Flush Fluid

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Synflush 100% Synthetic Flush Fluid



                                                                              (*NSF H-2 Pending)

LUBRIPLATE SYNFLUSH  is a premium quality, pure synthetic fluid designed to clean and dissolve varnish/deposits found in rotary screw and reciprocating type air compressors while the compressor is in operation. It is compatible with petroleum/mineral oils as well as all  LUBRIPLATE Synthetic Compressor Fluids and most other synthetic fluids. Contact us for compatibility verification. 

LUBRIPLATE SYNFLUSH is also designed for flushing compressors converting from petroleum/mineral oil to synthetic fluids. The flushing procedure removes the remaining petroleum oil that is unable to be removed by draining alone as well as cleaning the compressor prior to introducing the new synthetic fluid.

LUBRIPLATE SYNFLUSH  can also be used to clean hydraulic  systems, gearboxes and reducers, FRL’s (Airline Oilers) and close looped circulating oil systems.

LUBRIPLATE SYNFLUSH is not intended for automotive/diesel applications such as cleaning fuel injectors or crankcases.

Contact LUBRIPLATE @ 800-347-5343 for procedural assistance.

Performance Characteristics & Benefits

• Removes varnish and carbon deposits, which greatly improves compressor efficiency and life expectancy.

• Compatible with petroleum base oils as well as all LUBRIPLATE Synthetic Compressor Fluids.

• Can be used in its pure form in all types of air compressors up to 500 hours.

• Contains no hazardous chemicals.

• Offers excellent thermal and oxidative stability.

• Provides excellent solubility, solvency and cleaning capabilities.

Typical Properties

Physical Characteristics           ASTM Test Method       Typical

Viscosity @ 40°C cSt               D-445                               27

               @ 100°C cSt              D-445                               5.35

Viscosity Index                         D-2270                            135

Flash Point; °C (COC)              D-92                                 243

Fire Point; °C (COC)                D-92                                 282

Pour Point; °C                           D-97                                 -60

Specific Gravity                        D-4052                            0.909


Packaging Available                                         Part Numbers

Carton 12/1 Quart Plastic                                 L0962-054

Carton 4/1 Gallon Jugs                                     L0962-057

5-Gallon Pail                                                     L0962-060

55-Gallon Drum                                                L0962-062

     Printed in USA

     Revised 5-1-08 

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