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UTF-Bio-Based/Green Fluid



“Biobased Lubricants that Perform Like Synthetics”

LUBRIPLATE UTF Biobased Green is a universal tractor fluid that incorporates Stabilized* additive technology with

biodegradable vegetable based stocks.  This formulation contains special frictional modifiers for the Wet Brake’s

equipment design and is compounded with detergent, dispersant, anti-wear, anti-rust and anti-foam inhibitors. 

LUBRIPLATE UTF Biobased Green is an ultimately biodegradable 1, multi-grade lubricant that can be used in

agricultural, industrial and construction equipment and has proven field performance.

Meets or exceeds all of the requirements of John Deere’s Hygard (Specification J20-C); Allison C-3, Cat TO-2 and API

GL-4, Low-Speed/High Torque.

Meets and exceeds universal tractor specifications for OEMS.

John Deere Case International

 J20C, J14A  JIC-145/MS-1210




 J20D  MS-1205, MS-1127, M1129-A

Ford White Farm

 M2C134-D  Q-1826

 M2C86-C, M2C86-B  Q-1705, Q-1766, Q-1802

 M2C41-B, M2C48-B

 M2C53-A, M2C134-A  Duetz-Allis

 M2C134-B, M2C134-C  Landini



 M1135, M1141  Transmission OEM’s

 M1110, M1127, M1129-A  ATD Allison C-4




LUBRIPLATE UTF Biobased Green is  an ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE hydraulic fluid that is formulated from

renewable, agricultural plant resources.  We believe Earth’s environmental future rests in the use of renewable materials.

High Oleic Base Stocks (HOBS) are agricultural vegetable oils.  This Stabilized technology allows the HOBS to perform as a high performance formula in high and low temperature applications, reducing oil thickening and deposits.


Ultimate Biodegradation (Pw1) within 28 days in ASTM D-5864 Aerobic Aquatic Biodegradation of Lubricants

LUBRIPLATE UTF Biobased Green is available in the following packaging:

Container Size                                                               Part No.

5-Gallon Pail                                                             L1072-060

55-Gallon Drum                                                        L1072-062

 Test Data

                                                                    LUBRIPLATE UTF Biobased Green

                                                                     Test Typical Results              Specification Limits

Viscosity @ 100ºC (ASTM D-445)               10.26                                   9.10 min.

Viscosity @ 40ºC (ASTM D-445)                 47.8                                     None

Viscosity Index (ASTM D-2270)                   210                                      140

Shear Stability Orbahn (ASTM D-6278)

 Vis. @ 100ºC (after shear)                            9.38                                      9.10 min.

Brookfield Viscosity (ASTM D-2983)

 @ -20ºC                                                       1,650                                     4,500 max.

 5,500 per J. Deere

 @ -35ºC                                                        11,150                                 70,000 max.

Flash Point, ºC                                                251                                     200 min.

Stable Pour Point, ºC                                     -39                                       -37 max.

Oxidation Stability JDQ 16

 Evaporation Loss                                          0.65%                                  5.0% max.

 Viscosity Increase @ 100ºC                         5.02%                                 10.0% max.

 Viscosity Increase @ 40ºC                           4.0                                         ----------

 Sludge Formation                                         None                                     None

 Additive Separation                                      None                                     None

Rust Protection    JDQ                                  22 >100                            100 hrs. min.

Copper Corrosion JDQ 32                                  1A                              1B max.

Foaming Characteristics JDQ 33

 Sequence I                                                 40/0                                         25/0 ml. max.

 Foam Breaktime                                        82                                            30 sec. max.

 Sequence II                                                0/0                                          50/0 ml. max.

 Foam Breaktime                                         0                                             30 sec. max.

 Sequence III                                               30/0                                        25/0 max.

 Foam Breaktime                                         0                                             30 sec. max

Water Sensitivity JDQ 19

 Solids                                                           0.0                                        0.1% v max.

 Additive Loss                                              0.0                                        15.0% wt. max.

Extreme Pressure Properties JDQ 34

 Timken Abrasion Mass Loss                       0.5 mg.                                1.5 mg. max.

 Timken OK Load                                        73 N                                     45 N min.

Rubber Compatibility JDQ 9

 Volume Change                                                         +1 0 to +5%

 Hardness Change                                                       -0.5 0 to -5 pts.

 Precipitation None Trace

Rubber Compatibility

Reference                                                                         69X311111

 Volume Change                                                             +2.5 0 to +5

 Hardness Change                                                            -1.5 0 to -5

 Precipitation                                                  None                                          None

Oil Compatibility JDQ 23

 Additive Separation                                      None                                          None

Foaming Characteristics

 Sequence I                                                     0/0                                            25/0 ml. max.

 Foam Breaktime                                            0                                               30 sec. max.

 Sequence II                                                    0/0                                           50/0 ml. max.

 Foam Breaktime                                             0                                              30 sec. max.

 Sequence III                                                  0/0                                             25/0 ml. max.

 Foam Breaktime                                            0                                               30 sec. max.

(Continued) 3


Test Typical Results Specification Limits

Oxidation Stability

 Evaporation Loss                                          1.6                                            5.0% max.

 Viscosity Increase @ 100ºC                          6.0                                           10.0% max.

 Viscosity Increase @ 40ºC                            9.8                                            ---------------

 Sludge Formation                                          None                                        None

 Additive Separation                                       None                                        None

Low Temperature Fluidity JDQ 73/74

 Cold Soak @ -35ºC                                        27 secs.                                    30.0 sec. max.*

Slow Cool

 @ -30ºC 30 mm in                                          3 secs.                                      30.0 sec. max.*

 @ - 35ºC flow in                                            in 30 secs. 30 mm                   in 11 secs. 10.0 mm min.**

*Must flow                                                             30 mm in a maximum of 30 seconds to pass.

**Must flow at least                                                             10 mm in 30 seconds to pass.

JDQ 94 PST Clutch Friction

Total Cycles                                                       2,000                                              2,000

Initial Friction Coefficient                                  0.077                                         0.15 max.

Final Friction Coefficient                                   0.105                                         0.08 min.

Stall Time (sec.)                                                  1.77                                          5.0 max.

Disk #1 Wear (mm)                                            0.178                                         0.38 max.

Disk #2 Wear (mm)                                            0.174                                         0.38 max.

Disk #3 Wear (mm)                                            0.254                                         0.38 max.

Disk #4 Wear (mm)   &n

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