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FGL Series 100% H-1 Grease

L0226, L0230, L0231, L0232


                                                       Lubricants for Total Food and Beverage Plant Performance

                                                                                *NSF H-1 Registered

                                                               “These products are certified OU Kosher Pareve”

                                                                      “These products are Halal Certified”

LUBRIPLATE FGL Greases have been formulated to meet the increased demands of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.  The trend towards NSF H-1 Registered* products to replace H-2 products has meant a great deal of research and testing to improve the capabilities of lubricants with incidental food contact.  LUBRIPLATE FGL greases are the result of these new demands.

FGL-00 is a semi-fluid grease that is ideal for centralized lubrication systems that require a NLGI 00 grade of grease. 

FGL-00 is also good for older or leaky gear cases that can no longer contain an oil.

FGL-0 is qualified for centralized lubrication systems on high-speed can-closing equipment.  This product is nonseparating in pumping devices and high-speed equipment.  FGL-0 provides excellent anti-wear properties, exceptional water resistance, rust, oxidation and corrosion preventive qualities.

FGL-l  for many plants, this NLGI 1 grade grease may be the most widely used lubricant due to its multi-functional capabilities.  This includes low and high speeds, low and high temperatures and a wide range of loads.  Available in

convenient 14½ oz. cartridges and 11 oz. aerosol cans.

FGL-2 provides superior film strength for slower moving applications under severe operating conditions such as water,

steam, high temperature and load.  The excellent shear stability of this grease in combination with a unique tackiness

agent provides a long lasting durable film of lubricant for large bearings, open gears, chains and other exposed

surfaces.  Available in 14½ oz. Cartridges.


     -  Formulated with clear water-white, non-toxic, USP white oils that comply with FDA Regulation 21 CFR 172.878.

     -  Formulated with ingredients that comply with FDA regulation 21 CFR 178.3570 for lubricants with incidental food contact.

     -  Unique thickener combination resists oil bleed problems often encountered using conventional food grade lubricants.

     -  Longer lasting film allows less lubricant usage and extended re-greasing intervals.

     -  Excellent stability helps retard softening of grease during high shear mechanical action often experienced in high speed 

         filling and packaging machinery.

     -  High temperature stability and oxidation resistance.

- Excellent resistance to water washout.

Statement of Usage:

“These compounds may be used on food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing and packaging equipment as a protective antirust film, as a release agent on gaskets or seals of tank closures and as a lubricant for machine parts and equipment in locations in which there is potential exposure of the lubricated part to food, beverage, pharmaceutical and related packaging equipment.  The amount used should be the minimum required to accomplish the desired technical effect on the equipment.”


LUBRIPLATE “FGL” Series Typical Tests                    FGL-00       FGL-0         FGL-1         FGL-2

Soap Base                                                                         Aluminum   Aluminum  Aluminum   Aluminum

                                                                                          Complex     Complex     Complex      Complex

Penetration ASTM D-217

(Worked)     60 Strokes                                                     420               380             310               285

              10,000 Strokes                                                    411               398              320              288

NLGI Grade                                                                      00                 0                  1                  2

Dropping Point                                                                 410°F            435°F          460°F          515°F

                                                                                          210°C           224°C          238°C          268°C

Base Fluid Viscosity

SUS @ 100°F                                                                   550                550              550              850

cSt @   40°C                                                                     105                105             105              160

SUS @ 210°F                                                                    66                  66               66                66

cSt @ 100°C                                                                     11.5               11.5            11.5              11.5

Rust Prevention Procedure (B)

(ASTM D-1743)                                                               Pass               Pass            Pass              Pass

Oxidation Stability -

  100 Hours                                                                       2.0 psi            2.0 psi        2.0 psi          2.0 psi

  (ASTM D-942)

Four Ball Wear, 1 hr., 40 kg., 75°C, 1200 rpm

(ASTM D-2266)                                                              0.56 mm         0.56 mm     0.56 mm      0.56 mm

Water Washout (ASTM D-1264)                                                            < 10%         < 6%            < 2%

Lincoln Ventmeter Tests

Temperature                                                                      FGL-00          FGL-0        FGL-l          FGL-2

82°F                                                                                  0 psig             0 psig          150 psig      300 psig

30°F                                                                                  0 psig             0 psig          350 psig      550 psig

  0°F                                                                                  100 psig         150 psig      575 psig       925 psig

                                                                                          FGL-00          FGL-0         FGL-l          FGL-2

*NSF H-1 Registration No’s

(Meets USDA 1998 Guidelines)                                                             126088 (Aerosol)

                                                                                           043532          043531        043534         043536

*Authorized by NSF for use in food processing facilities as a lubricant or anti-rust agent on equipment

in which there   may be incidental contact involving the lubricated part and the edible product.

*NSF – National Sanitation Foundation

Manufactured with ingredients that comply with FDA 21 CFR 178.3570.

"The LUBRIPLATE FGL Series contain no components derived from TSE/BSE relevant animal species;

therefore, they are compliant with the requirements of the TSE Note for Guidance EMEA/410/01 Rev. 2,

October 2003".

Packaging Available                                                       FGL-00            FGL-0          FGL-l          FGL-2

Case, 24/14 oz. cans                                                       ---------        L0230-001    L0231-001   L0232-001

Case, 6/6 lb. cans                                                            --------         L0230-006    L0231-006   L0232-006

35 lb. pail                                                                        L0226-035 L0230-035     L0231-035   L0232-035

120 lb. drum                                                                    L0226-039 L0230-039    L0231-039    L0232-039

415 lb. drum                                                                    L0226-040 L0230-040    L0231-040    L0232-040

Case, 12/11 oz. aerosol cans                                            ---------- -------------         L0231-063 -------------

Case, 40/14½ oz. cartridges                                             ---------- -------------        L0231-098    L0232-098

Bulk Bins - Contact your LUBRIPLATE District Manager

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