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SYN ST High Perf H-1 Spec Grease


LUBRIPLATE Syn ST High Performance H-1 Special

                                                                        *NSF H-1 Registered

                                                         “This product is certified OU Kosher Pareve”

LUBRIPLATE Syn ST High Performance H-1 Special is a silicone-based grease, thickened with PTFE. It is a food-grade grease that is compatible with EPDM Rubber and other non-silicone elastomers. It is an excellent lubricant for O-rings and seals used in beverage and food processing and dispensing equipment. It is resistant to hot water, steam and alkaline solutions.

                                                                                          Typical Properties

Base Oil Characteristics                                                      Typical Value

Type                                                                                       Silicone

Temperature Service Range (ºC)                                          -50 to 150

Viscosity (ASTM D445) @ 25ºC                                            500

Viscosity Index (ASTM D2270)                                           >300

Flash Point (ºC) (ASTM D92)                                              >310

Pour Point (ºC) (ASTM D97)                                                -55

Grease Characteristics                                                        Typical Value

Thickener                                                                                 PTFE

Color                                                                                       White

Appearance                                                                           Smooth

NLGI Grade                                                                              3

Penetration (ASTM D217)

Unworked                                                                                230

Worked 60X                                                                            240

Dropping Point (ºC) (ASTM D2265)                                   >260

LUBRIPLATE Syn ST High Performance H-1 Special is available in the following:

Packaging Available                                                              Part No.

Pack of 10 - 19 oz. Cartridges                                             L0365-010

50-lb. Pail                                                                            L0365-035

"The LUBRIPLATE Syn ST High Performance H-1 Special contains no components derived from TSE/BSE relevant animal species; therefore, it is compliant with the requirements of the TSE Note for Guidance EMA/410/01 Rev. 3, July 2011".

*NSF H-1 Registration No.                                                   142559

(Meets USDA 1998 Guidelines)

*Authorized by NSF for use in food processing facilities as a lubricant or anti-rust agent on equipment in which there

may be incidental contact involving the lubricated part and the edible product.

*NSF – National Sanitation Foundation

Manufactured with ingredients that comply with FDA 21 CFR 178.3570

Printed in USA

Revised 7/20/12 

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