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Super 345 5W30



                                                               FOR API SERVICE SJ/CF

                                                                            ILSAC GF-2

                                                                  ENERGY CONSERVING

LUBRIPLATE Super 345 MOTOR OIL is designed especially for today's small car engines.  The transition to 3, 4, 5 and small V-6 cylinder engines have placed greater demand on the crankcase motor oil.  LUBRIPLATE Super 345 MOTOR OIL meets these demands.  The most significant impact of small engines will be on low temperature startability.

 -  4 and 6-cylinder engines require a low viscosity oil to maintain startability.

 -  In order to start 4 and 6-cylinder engines, must crank at about 90 rpm vs. 50 rpm for 8-cylinder engines.  This is due to 

     fewer firing impulses per revolution.

 -  SAE 5W-30 viscosity permits 4 and 6-cylinder engines to start at considerably lower temperatures than heavier oils.

 -  Startability of small 60° V-6 engines is also improved with SAE 5W-30.

 -  Improved catalyst protection for improved emissions and longer catalyst life.

 -  Ford M2C172A

 -  Chrysler MS 7840 B

In addition, LUBRIPLATE Super 345 MOTOR OIL has a high film strength for maximum protection at high temperatures, which is especially important with the lower crankcase capacity and tighter tolerances in smaller engines while drain intervals remain the same.

LUBRIPLATE Super 345 MOTOR OIL contains FEO (fuel economy oil) additives that will improve gas mileage by reducing friction between moving parts.  Savings will vary according to driving conditions.

Typical Tests

              Viscosity, Saybolt Universal

                SUS @ 210°F                                                 66

                SUS @ 100°F                                                342

              Viscosity, Kinematic

                cSt @ 100°C                                                 11.8

                cSt @ 40°C                                                     68

              Viscosity Index                                                139

              API Gravity                                                      30.8

              Flash Point, °F/°C                                          395/201

              Fire Point, °F/°C                                            425/218

              Pour Point, °F/°C                                           -45/-43

              Color                                                                 L-3


LUBRIPLATE Super 345 MOTOR OIL has been tested by an independent laboratory for cold weather effectiveness and volatility by the Cold Crank Simulator, Mini-Rotor Viscometer and the Noack Test.

  LUBRIPLATE Test Requirements

  Super 345 SAE 5W-30

 Cold Crank Simulator

   cP @ -25°C.                                                        3,260            3,500 Max.

   ASTM D-2602

 Mini-Rotor Viscometer

 (Borderline Pumping)

   cP @ -35°C.                                                         19,320          60,000 Max.

   ASTM D-3829


   Evaporation Loss %

   1 Hour @ 250°C                                                    23                  25 Max.

LUBRIPLATE Super 345 MOTOR OIL is not limited to the small car engines but is recommended also for the larger 6 and 8-cylinder cars for ease of starting, fuel economy and overall performance.

LUBRIPLATE Super 345 MOTOR OIL is available in the following packages: Packaging Available Part No.

Case, 12/1 quart plastic jugs                                                 L0732-054

5 gallon pails                                                                         L0732-060

55 gallon drums                                                                    L0732-062

           Printed in USA

           Revised 5/12/08 

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