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Hydraulic-Transmission Fluid Type UTF

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Hydraulic-Transmission Fluid Type UTF



LUBRIPLATE UTF is a high quality, specially designed lubricant containing anti-rust, anti-foam and oxidation inhibitors; plus other additives necessary for the wide range of applications recommended by various tractor manufacturers.  The product is an “all-seasonal” type of oil that resists thickening in cold weather and thinning in the heat of the summer.  It is compounded with detergents to keep transmissions clean and maintain hydraulic control circuits in perfect working condition; and provides excellent protection against seal and pump deterioration.  Operators, especially farmers, will appreciate the multipurpose application for transmissions, final drives, and hydraulic systems of tractors thereby eliminating the need for additional oil products.


Excellent gear, bearing and pump wear protection

Multi-functional fluid

Oxidation and thermal stability for long life

Excellent rust and corrosion protection

Reduces brake chatter

Compatibility with oil seal materials used in transmission and hydraulic systems

LUBRIPLATE UTF is recommended for use in equipment made by:

Allison - Hydraulic Trans Fluid; GMC, Type C, C-1, C-2, C-3, C-4

Allis-Chalmers - #272843, Part #924282 (Power Fluid No. 821), Part #246634

Caterpillar - TO-2

Clark Transmissions

Duetz-Allis - 272843 (Power Fluid 821XL)

J. I. Case - Hi-Lo CH Fluid JIC 145, Case-O-Matic Type A, JIC 143, JIC 144, JIC-C-185 (TFD),

MS-1205 (TFD-II), MS-1206 (Powerguard PTF), MS-1207 (Hy-Trans-Plus), MS-120 1, MS-1209

(Hy-Tran ULTRA)

Ford New Holland - M-2C41 Selecto-Speed Fluid, ESN M-2-C41A, M-2C41-B, M-4864A,

M-2C65A, M-2C77A, M-4864B, M-2C65B, M-2C78A, M-2C86A, M-2C134B, M-2C134D,

FNHA-2-C-200 & 201

LUBRIPLATE UTF is recommended for use in equipment made by:

Fiat Hesston - AF-87

International Harvester - Hy-trans Fluid, (B-5, B-6, B-7)

John Deere - Fluid Type 303 (J-14C), Part #AR-284254, Part #AR-269444, J-14B, J-20A,

J-20B (Hy-Guard), J-20C, Quatrol Requirements, J21A, J20D

Kubota - UDT Fluid


Massey Ferguson - M-1103A, M-1103B, M-1110, M-129A, M1135, Permatron III, M-1141

Oliver - Where additive Part #102082A is mixed with 10W, 5W20, 10W30 oil; in 1 part to 16 parts oil,

Type 55 and Renk 874 A/B transmission

White - Universal Fluid

Stieger - Hydraulic Trans Fluid, Gear, Hydraulic and Wet Brake Oil

Sundstrand - Pumps

Versatile - Specs 23M or 24M

White Farm - Hydraulic Oil Type 55 Fluid, White Universal Fluid, White Farm Q-1760, Q-17668,

White UTHF, Q-1826

Typical Characteristics:

SAE Grade                                                           10W20

API Gravity                                                           28.4

Viscosity @ 40°C, cSt                                           58.9

Viscosity @ 100°C, cSt                                         8.7

Viscosity Index                                                      133

Brookfield Vis @ -18°C, cP                              4,000 max

Brookfield Vis @ -34°C, cP                              70,000 max

Pour Point, °F                                                         -35

LUBRIPLATE UTF is available as follows:

Packaging Available                                             Part No.

Case, 4/1 Gallon Jugs                                         L0873-057

5 Gallon Pail                                                       L0873-060

16 Gallon Drum                                                  L0873-061

55 Gallon Drum                                                  L0873-062

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Revised 7/8/11 

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