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AW 32, 46, 68, 100 Hydraulic Oil

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AW 32, 46, 68, 100 Hydraulic Oil


                                                FISKE’s AW Hydraulic Oils – ISO 32, 46, 68 & 100

                                                            *NSF H2 Registered ISO 32, 46 & 68

                                                            *NSF H2 Registered ISO 100 (Pending)

The FISKE’s AW Hydraulic Oils are high performance, anti-wear products for all types of hydraulic and recirculating systems found on industrial, construction and automotive equipment. 

They are fortified with rust and oxidation inhibitors and have outstanding demulsibility.  The anti-wear additive package helps minimize the formation of sludge and other corrosive byproducts which can cause reduction of pump life, filter blocking and interfere with efficient hydraulic power transfer.  All four FISKE’s AW Hydraulic Oils have been designed to meet

Cincinnati Milacron and Vickers hydraulic oil specifications.  Their high aniline points help prolong seal life.

Typical Tests                              AW-32         AW-46         AW-68           AW-100

Viscosity cSt @ 40°C                29.43            41.91            65.29               103.4

Viscosity SUS @ 100°F            154               213               314                   479

Viscosity SUS @ 210°F            43.5              47.5              53.8                  62.0

Viscosity Index                          97                 99                103                    84

Flash Point                          405°F/207°C 410°F/210°C 430°F/221°C 510ºF/266ºC

Fire Point                            445°F/230°C 450°F/232°C 470°F/243°F 555ºF/291ºC

Pour Point                           -25°F/-32°C  -20°F/-29°C  -10°F/-23°C   -5ºF/-21ºC

Gravity                                        32.6            32.1              31.2                   27.1

Color                                           L-2.5           L-2.5            L-2.5               L-2.5

Packaging Available                AW-32         AW-46          AW-68           AW-100

5-Gallon Pail                        F0400-060    F0401-060     F0402-060        F0403-060

55-Gallon Drum                   F0400-062    F0401-062     F0402-062        F0403-062

*NSF H2 Registration No’s 141055          141056          141057              Pending

*These products are acceptable as lubricants where there is no possibility of food contact (H2) in and around food processing areas. 

Such compounds may be used as lubricants, release agents, or antirust films on equipment and machine parts in locations in which there is no possibility of the lubricant or lubricated part contacting edible products.

*NSF - National Sanitation Foundation Printed in USA

Revised 4/21/11 

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