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SPO Series



LUBRIPLATE SPO Lubricants are specially designed for a wide variety of industrial applications such as gear cases, machine ways, chains and general purpose lubrication. These oils will provide a long-lasting wear resistant film that reduces friction and heat. The polar affinity of SPO protects metal surfaces from rust and corrosion as well as chemical corrosion. These oils have excellent demulsibility, oxidation resistance and thermal stability, thus extending lubricant life. Actual field operations have proven that LUBRIPLATE SPO Lubricants provide a tacky, superior lubricating film for high-sliding action in worm, bevel, helical and spur gears as well as machine ways, chains etc. This series of products will reduce friction and heat, thus improving efficiency. The anti-wear properties are compatible with brass, bronze and silver-alloy metals. They are excellent for areas of high moisture, heat and load found in many industries ranging from quarries and mills to food processing plants.


Reduce friction, wear and lower operating temperatures, thus reducing power consumption and lowering maintenance costs.

Provide excellent oxidation and thermal stability which retards the formation of acidic contaminants, carbonaceous material and increased viscosities, thus extending fluid life.

Provide excellent demulsibility and filterability, thus allowing water and contaminants to be easily removed.

Provide an anti-wear, tacky, cohesive lubricant film protecting all metal surfaces against rust and corrosion and protects copper and copper alloys from chemical attack by contaminants.

Provide lubricant consolidation, e.g. one oil for gear boxes, bearings and ways.

Provide seal compatibility.


SPO-288 has been field tested and approved by Cone Drive for double-enveloping worm gear applications. This is the only mineral oil approved that does not contain extreme pressure additives or acidless tallow.

SPO-277 passes the FZG 12 Stage Gear Oil Test.


SPO-266 provides exceptional wear protective qualities carrying a .41 mm wear factor

on the 4-Ball Wear Test. (40 kg., 1 hr., 1200 rpm's, 167°F)

The “SPO” Series has proven very successful against synthetic gear oils by lowering temperatures,

extending drain intervals, yet costing much less.


                             SPO-222     SPO-233         SPO-244          SPO-255    SPO-266     SPO-277     SPO-288     SPO-299


SUS @ 100°F.        317           464                   685                 1044           1476            2260           3314             5050

cSt @ 40°C.            63             91                    135                  200             280              432             628                950

SUS @ 210°F.        55             63                     75                    95              115              148             184                244

cSt @ 100°C.          9               11                    14                    19                23                30              38                  50

Viscosity Index      109            103                  102                  103             102              98               98                  98

API Gravity            30.8          30.0                  29.9                 29.3            26.5             25.8           26.9               27.5

Color                       L-2            L-2.5               L-3                  L-3             L-3.5           L-4             L-5.5             L-4.5

Flash Point, °F.       415            450                 460                  465              470             475             425               450

Flash Point, °C.      213            232                  238                 241               243             246             218               232

Fire Point, °F.         465            500                 525                 560               570               580            525              505

Fire Point, °C.         240            260                 274                 293               299               304            274              263

Pour Point, °F.        -30             -35                 -25                  -10                +10               +15           +10              +10

Pour Point, °C.        -34             -37                 -31                  -23                -12                -9              -12                -12

AGMA                     2                 3                    4                     5                     6                  7               8                   8A

ISO                           68            100                 150                  220               320              460            680               1000

These LUBRIPLATE SPO Lubricants are available in the following:


                                   SPO-222     SPO-233     SPO-244     SPO-255     SPO-266      SPO-277     SPO-288        SPO-299

Ctn. 4/7 lb. Cans         L0242-007 L0243-007  L0244-007 L0245-007  L0246-007  L0247-007   L0248-007     L0249-007

Ctn. 12/2 lb.                L0242-013 L0243-013  L0244-013 L0245-013  L0246-013  L0247-013   L0248-013     L0249-013

Plastic Bottles

35 lb. Pail                   L0242-035 L0243-035  L0244-035 L0245-035  L0246-035  L0247-035    L0248-035    L0249-035

120 lb. Drum              L0242-039 L0243-039  L0244-039 L0245-039  L0246-039 L0247-039     L0248-039    L0249-039

Full Size Drum           L0242-040 L0243-040  L0244-040 L0245-040  L0246-040 L0247-040     L0248-040    L0249-040

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