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Machine Tool Oils

L0000-0003, L0009, L0011, L0014


No’s. 0, 1, 2, 3 & 3-V

LUBRIPLATE fluid products are specially compounded for a wide variety of industrial uses. LUBRIPLATE fluids' performance and economy greatly exceed that of conventional oils. They impart a unique loadcarrying film, exceptional lubricity and anti-friction properties not found in conventional oils of the same viscosity. The high-wetting nature of these lubricants provide superior protective coating of the metals.

LUBRIPLATE No. 0 is a light 5W type of oil for extremely high speed applications (up to 25,000 rpm) such as spindle lubrication and grinder arbor bearings. Also makes an excellent lamination oil for progressive stamping operations.

LUBRIPLATE No. 1 is a light 10W type of oil for textile spindles, grinder arbors and other types of bearings operating at high speeds. Excellent cold test makes this an ideal extreme low temperature hydraulic fluid.

LUBRIPLATE No. 2 is a 20 weight type oil for light general oil applications. Excellent for ring oiled bearings, wick feeds, bottle and air line oilers, oil cups, light circulating systems, enclosed chains, etc.

LUBRIPLATE No. 3 is a 30 weight oil for similar applications as No. 3-V, where a grade heavier oil is required. Also excellent wherever a combination way lubricant and an 80 gear oil are recommended. Contains tackiness additive.

LUBRIPLATE No. 3-V is a 20 weight oil especially designed for combination machine tool way lubrication and bearing lubrication. Excellent for ring oiled bearings, oil cups, circulating systems and Servo Controlled Machine Tools. Meets the majority of machine tool manufacturers' recommendations for general machine oil type lubrication. Contains a tackiness additive.


LUBRIPLATE No.                               0                1                  2                     3                       3-V

Viscosity SUS @ 100°F                       56              115              228                 490                   326

cSt @ 40°C                                           8.5             22                44                   92                     62

API Gravity                                          28.9           23.6             22.7                 22.3                  21.1

Flash                                                    275°F         345°F          365°F              390°F               380°F

                                                            135°C         174°C          185°C             199°C               193°C

Fire Point                                            295°F          360°F          385°F              410°F               395°F

                                                            145°C         182°C          195°C              210°C              201°C

Pour Point                                           -60°F           -60°F           -30°F              -25°F               -25°F

                                                            -51°C           -51°C          -34.4°C           -32°C              -32°C

Tackiness Additives                             Nil              Nil               Nil                  Yes                   Yes

Color                                                     --                3-1/2            -4                     -6                     -4

Approximate SAE No.                        5W              10W             20                   30                     20

ISO Grade                                           7-10              22                46                   100                  68

AGMA No.                                          --                 --                  1                      3                      2


Packaging Available                                   0             1                   2                    3                     3-V

Carton 4/7 lb. Jugs                                L0000-007 L0002-007 L0003-007   L0005-007         L0009-007

Carton 12/2 lb. Plastic Bottles              L0000-013 L0002-013 L0003-013   L0005-013         L0009-013

35 lb. Pail                                              L0000-035 L0002-035 L0003-035   L0005-035         L0009-035

120 lb. Drum                                         L0000-039 L0002-039 L0003-039   L0005-039         L0009-039

Full Size Drum                                      L0000-040 L0002-040 L0003-040   L0005-040         L0009-040

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