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APG 80W-140



Economic Multi-Grade Gear Oil


LUBRIPLATE APG 80W-140 is a fuel economy, API GL-5 and MT-1, multi-grade gear oil for a wide temperature operating range. LUBRIPLATE APG 80W-140 reduces friction thereby increasing the miles per gallon of the vehicle plus providing excellent gear train protection against wear, corrosion and costly breakdowns.

LUBRIPLATE APG 80W-140 as a wide range multi-grade gear oil, offers good economical improvement in fuel economy. Independent commercial tests conducted over extended periods of time in various fleets under completely different operating conditions showed up to 2.65% improvement in fuel economy over similar units using various straight grade gear oils or 80W-90 gear oils. Depending upon the vehicle, miles of operation per year and cost of fuel, savings can range up to $250.00 per year per vehicle. Multiply this by a number of vehicles and a considerable savings can be achieved.

LUBRIPLATE APG 80W-140 provides the low initial starting torque when the equipment is cold saving on fuel economy and the extra hard wear strain on the engine and drive chain. At the high running temperatures, LUBRIPLATE APG 80W-140 provides the needed film cushion on the moving parts in the gear unit. LUBRIPLATE APG 80W-140 is one gear oil for year-round service; no need to change the gear oil when the weather or seasons change. LUBRIPLATE APG 80W-140 saves on inventory - one lubricant instead of three; less inventory movement - eliminates possible mix-up in gear oil selections.


LUBRIPLATE APG 80W-140 is an oil for use in helical and worm gear units operating over a wide temperature range.

LUBRIPLATE APG 80W-140 reduces friction thereby providing excellent gear train protection against wear, corrosion and costly breakdowns.

LUBRIPLATE APG 80W-140 is truly a new type of chemistry in the development of superior gear lubricants in the LUBRIPLATE family.

Typical Test on LUBRIPLATE APG 80W-140 gear oil are listed below:

Viscosity SUS @ 100°F                                                       1300

cSt @ 40°C                                                                            248

Viscosity SUS @ 210°F                                                        125

cSt @ 100°C                                                                           25

Viscosity Index                                                                      120

ISO Grade                                                                              320

Flash Point                                                                         380°F/193°C

Fire Point                                                                           410°F/210°C

API Gravity                                                                             27.1

Pour Point                                                                         -25°F/-31°C

Brookfield Test 104,000 cPs @ -15°F

LUBRIPLATE APG 80W-140 is available in the following:

Container Size                                                                    Part No.

Case, 4/7 lb. Jugs                                                              L0124-007

Case, 12/2 lb. Plastic Bottles                                            L0124-013

35 lb. Pail                                                                         L0124-035

120 lb. Quarter Size Drum                                               L0124-039

415 lb. Full Size Drum                                                     L0124-040

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